Cultivated mainly in Europe and more specifically in France, linen presents real environmental assets: it requires almost no pesticide, fertilizer nor irrigation, other than rainwater.

Linen is an excellent thermal regulator between the body and the garment, and offers excellent wearing comfort. Our linen is washed: it undergoes several washes with various ecological fabric softeners. The final goal is to obtain the softest and most supple fabric possible. These processes improve the creasing of the product and provide a pleasant freshness.

Wash gently by hand or in a washing machine on the delicate cycle, at 30 °C, using a mild detergent (no tumble-dryer to avoid breaking fibers and marking folds).

Like most natural fabrics, linen quickly dries outdoors. Do not mix colors! To best maintain it, cold wash is recommended.

Ironing with a hot iron on the cloth slightly humidified avoids the glazing of the garment and allows it to regain its shape.